How do I link a sportsbook?

Sportsbooks can be linked by clicking the menu button on the top right >> Click“Sportsbook Settings” >>  Click the “ADD NEW SPORTSBOOK” button towards thebottom >> Click “LINK NEW BOOK” >> Select your state and sportsbook from thedrop-down menus  >>  Enter your Login and Password  >>  Repeat to link anothersportsbook.

You can also link a Sportsbook by clicking “PROFILE” button at the bottom right ofthe App >> Click the “EDIT PROFILE” button below your user name and bio >> Clickthe “LINK SPORTSBOOK” button on the bottom right

How do I stop the emails telling me that I logged into my sportsbook?

Disable login notifications in your sportsbook(s) settings

Will SHARPZ log me out of my sportsbook when I use it?

Yes – when you use SHARPZ you may be logged out of your sportsbook(s). The reason for this is because SHARPZ uses technology to fetch your betting data thatmimics a login with your sportsbooks. We recommend adding facial recognition logins for your sportsbooks to facilitate quick transitions between SHARPZ and your sportsbooks

How do I relink a disconnected sportsbook?

If in the unusual event that your sportsbook(s) becomes disconnected from SHARPZ, you will likely receive a notification in SHARPZ about the disconnection. To relink click the menu button on the top right >> Click “Sportsbook Settings” >> Click the“RELINK SPORTSBOOK” >> Move the toggle to the right to relink your sportsbook(s) >> If the toggle does not move to the “linked” position  >>  Click the ”LINK NEWBOOK” button and select your state and the disconnected book from the dropdown menus >> Enter your login credentials >> Please allow up to 2 minutes to secure the link >> You will receive a notification once the book is relinked >> If you have any further issues connecting your sportsbook(s) please create a ticket

How do I make a post?

After you’ve linked at least one sportsbook >> Click on “POST BETS” at the bottom of your screen >> Select the bet(s) you’d like to share >> Click “NEW SHARPZ SLIP” >> Add in a caption, record or insert a video and/or picture >> Once your post is ready click the “POST IT” button  >>  You also have the option to publicly display the amount wagered for the bet(s) by sliding the toggle on “Enable Amount Wagered” to the right

How do I edit a post?

Click on the “POST BETS” button >> Click “PAST SHARPZ SLIPS” >> Click “...” at the top right of the post >> Click “Edit” >> Make changes and click “UPDATE”.

How do I earn a ranking?

A user must place a minimum of 10 linked bets with at least 5 bets “against thespread” to be eligible for a ranking.

How are the rankings calculated?

SHARPZ uses a unique weighted average formula to calculate the rankings.

How do I earn a Certified Sharpz badge?

A bettor is typically considered “SHARP” when they win at a 55% average or greater. If you have a winning percentage of 55% or > after at least 10 linked bets you earn a Certified Sharp badge.

How do I show my profits and/or losses publicly?

Click the menu button at the top right  >>  Click “Profile Settings”  >>  Toggle the“Enable Profits/Losses” slider to the right >> After this selection is made the amount wagered on every linked bet will be publicly visible as well as your profits/losses >> Repeat and un toggled it to disable profits/losses display.

What if I don’t see my bets?

It usually takes anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute for your bets to populate from your sportsbook(s) into SHARPZ >> Sometimes it can take a bit longer >> To refresh your betting data >> Go to “POST BETS” and swipe down to trigger a manual refresh.

How do I see the $ balance I have available in my linked sportsbooks?

SHARPZ makes it easy to keep tabs on your sportsbook balances >> Click the menu button at the top right >> Click “My Book Balance” to view your balances.

How do I reset my record?

SHARPZ allows you to reset your record and start fresh ONCE per calendar year >> Click the menu button at the top right >> Click “Profile Settings” >> Click “Reset All Data”  >>  If you reset your record all your posts and past statistics will be permanently deleted

How do I enable/disable push notifications?

Click the menu button at the top right >> Click “Notification Settings” >> Toggle the notifications you’d like to receive to the right and the ones you don’t want to receive to the left.

How do I report an inappropriate post and/or abusive behavior?

Click the “...” button within the post of concern >> Click “Report the Post” or “Report the Author” and select an option from the drop down menus.

What if I see someone displaying signs of problem gambling?

We are committed to promoting responsible gaming and because of the transparency of SHARPZ, if you see a user displaying signs of problem gambling >> Click the “...” button within the post of concern >> Click “Report the Author”  >> Select “User is displaying signs of irresponsible and/or problem gambling” from the drop down menu.

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